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Belle-Amiche Google Reviews

Alana and Jon were both fantastic. We lost our previous companion earlier in the year under traumatic circumstances (which will become relevant in a moment). As such we contacted Belle-Amiche with our application and were shortly thereafter placed on the waiting list.
PLEASE READ. I implore you, that if you are looking into buying a Ragdoll you buy from a legitimate, licensed and loving breeder like Belle-Amiche. Please don’t make the mistake we did originally by buying from anyone else. There are plenty of dodgy and dishonest breeders out there with no regard for the cat or the kitten’s welfare, it may be slightly cheaper, it may be quicker but I promise you, it will only cause heartbreak later down the line and only further fuels the exploitation of these beautiful cats.
Having been patiently watching our boy grow up on the kitten camera we collected Zuko from Belle-Amiche on 22.09.23 and he has settled in immediately. He is so well socialised, confident and extremely loving (opposite to our original Ragdoll who was initially very scared and mistrusting.)
We want to thank both Alana and Jon again and we promise to keep posting updates of him on the Facebook page as he turns into a big lion

Chris & Teodora

After spending months of researching various breeders, I came across BELLE-AMICHE and I am sure glad I did. Alana has been great every step of the way, she is extremely knowledgeable and allowed us to view the kittens in their playroom via a pet cam. It was such a treat! Alana has also kept us updated by sending us numerous updates on how the litter has been doing in their first few months. The best part was receiving lovely photos or videos of the kittens exploring their new surroundings. Through the experience, you feel connected to your kitten even before you meet them. We have two kittens, Megan and Karel (Brother and sister) and they are the friendliest cats I’ve ever met. They are hands down the most beautiful, sweet, cuddliest, and Karel loves to give kisses. Alana has also been great about answering all of our questions throughout the entire process. On the day we collected our kittens, Alana provided us with all the necessary paperwork, including a health certificate, and even a goody bag with toys, cat food, and treat samples. She is a responsible and professional breeder who cares deeply about the well-being of her kittens. I highly recommend BELLE-AMICHE!!! Thank you for our precious additions!

Chantall & Lochner x


After researching and deciding we wanted a Ragdoll to join our family I found Belle-Amiche Ragdolls and from start to finish the experience has been phenomenal. It wasn't long until we were luckily chosen for a litter, and I was kept informed every step of the way. Being able to look in on our growing kitten with the webcam meant we got to see her personality blossom and the aftercare and advice after taking her home has been amazing. If you are looking for beautiful kittens, the best care and love then look no further, thank you so much for our beautiful Indiana xx

Tami Jones x


After searching for a while I was so unbelievably lucky to come across Belle Amiche Ragdolls. Having not had the best experience with a breeder in the past I really wanted to make the best choice and from the start this really felt right. Incredible information about the cats and adoption, and from being offered a kitten we got to see day to day progress and all the information we could ever need. Astrid had finally come home and has amazing temperament, a real testament on how she was brought up.

I was absolutely amazed by the facilities and the loving home the kittens were brought up in, every thought and care has gone into the environment that all the cats and kittens are in.

Heather Poole x

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-10 at 16.12.19_a26a9e08.jpg

Highly recommend Alana at Belle Amiche. Both Alana and Jon were very friendly and helpful and a pleasure to deal with.
They provide a brilliant standard of care for her kittens, showing all of them lots of love and attention.
The 24 hour kitten cam was amazing and allowed you to watch and bond with the kittens and understand what they enjoy before taking them home. Seeing them grow in both size and personality was truly wonderful (and additive :) ) We also got to visit them at their home a couple of times before bringing the kittens home which was lovely to be able to spend some time with them.
As soon as the kittens came to their new home they settled in with our family straight away with no issues, we have two confident, playful and loving kittens which shows how well they were taken care off. They really do have the best start in life. Thank you again Alana and Jon

Katie Wright x

1 (24).jpg

Lovely Alana has kept in contact and offered great advice both before my kitten was born and even now after she’s come home to me. My kitten is beautiful and has had the best start in life. Would highly recommend Belle-Amiche!

Jessica Van De Vliet x


We have adopted a beautiful ragdoll from Belle-Amiche Ragdolls and the whole process is excellent. You are kept updated and Alana really cares about each and every kitten. Our kitten is healthy, happy and very confident. Would definitely use again and highly recommend.

Rachel Coles x


I cannot recommend Alana and Belle-Amiche enough. We received the highest of standards from day one. The attention to detail throughout the whole process of being on the waiting list, being picked for a kitten and the start of the kitten’s life is something I have never seen before from a breeder. The love and care Alana gives is amazing, and we thank Belle-Amiche for giving us the most beautiful and well looked after Ragdoll Kitten, Banks.

Jess Henry x

Karel (9).JPG

Belle Amiche Ragdolls is absolutely amazing. The experience of buying a new kitten has been perfect. Very professional, extremely clean and all cats and kittens are so well looked after.
Please don't ever go to a back street breeder... its cruel and unsafe.
Alana goes above and beyond for all her cats and kittens and deeply cares for them all.
We are so in love with our little boy Churro. We came home with him today with some food....a welcome pack with lots of goodies in to get started.
Can't thank Alana enough for our little perfect boy xxx

Marie Andrews x

Amazing Breeder, Good communication and really lovely kitten. Highly Recommended

Rosalyn Brice-Burrows x

I have never used a breeder I have only ever had BSH cats, until I got a rescue Ragdoll he was so amazing I had to get another, I looked for the best breeder and I believe I found them in Belle-Amiche the passion Alana has for her cats each and everyone of them comes off in waves, she is so knowledgeable about Ragdolls and their behaviour I can not recommend them enough. I have the most amazing kitten from Belle-Amiche I couldn’t ask for more and knowing Alana will be there throughout Tarans life for any advice I may have gives my that security that I will be the best mum for Taran. Thank you so much to Alana, Jon, Tinky (Tarans mum), Gus (Tarans dad) and all of the other stunning Ragdolls and of course Minnie moo x

Lara Bauld x


I thoroughly recommend Belle Amiche. Alana is friendly, honest and so knowledgeable. She and Jon provide the highest standard of care and love for all their cats and kittens. The 24 hour camera access to watch your kitten grow and develop is wonderful and it was an absolute pleasure to visit Alana a couple of times before bringing our kitten home. Once home he was in charge - full of confidence, eating well, playful and using his litter tray. Thank you, Alana and Jon.

Joanne Watsham x


Alana, I don’t know where to begin to thank you for allowing me to adopt Elsa. She is a beautiful cat, healthy, intelligent, and very snuggly. I am so glad I found you, a lady that truly loves all her cats and kittens. You are so highly recommended, you will never find another breeder like Alana in a month of Sundays.

Jean Dunn x


My experience with Alana has been amazing from the very start. Having researched the breed and a few breeders, Alana stood out among the rest. She is such a lovely person who even considered my young son and gifted him a plush kitten toy to take care of until our real kitten’s coming home day. She is always fast to respond to questions and offer suggestions. The 24/7 video access means you can watch them grow and see their little personalities shine through.
Her friendly, genuine nature, and care for the kittens and cats is clear to see. They are raised in such a clean and loving home and it shows - our kitten Ocean is such a calm, vocal, and charming little boy! I needed to delay collecting Ocean due to work/study schedules which Alana was very accommodating of. So he spent an extra few weeks with his mum and adoptive mums and thrived in the meantime.
Our vet even remarked at how thorough and organised Alana’s going home documents were! (Aside from Ocean receiving all the attention and admiration ☺️)

A very pleasant experience overall and we’ve welcomed Ocean who has settled in so fast


Sabrina Jacobs x


First class from start to finish, exceptional home for Alana's beautiful cats and kittens, my kitten Sapphire is an absolute joy and our home is much happier for having her in it along with two German Shepherds. Thank you so much.

Jan Anderson x

Karel (2).JPG

Just brought Gryffyn, our beautiful Belle-Amiche kitten, home today. Absolutely adorable. We would like to thank Alana wholeheartedly for all the love, care, and attention she gives all the kittens, such a caring and responsible breeder. Gryffyn has only been home a few hours but has given us so much joy and pleasure already, this is all down to Alana.

Nadia Clarke x


Thankyou so much Alana for the most perfect ragdoll, & the amazing experience. I loved how open & honest you are, & I loved being able to view the kittens through the live camera feed. Alana also had a fast response to any messages & questions and lots of helpful information & links. I loved having nearly daily pictures and updates.
Belle-Amiche Ragdolls takes great care of the kittens, since bringing my kitten home, I have one confident & loving kitten, who is happy, healthy & has learnt perfectly all the kitten skills, like litter training & playing without scratching & is honestly the most cuddly Kitten I have ever met.
Thankyou ever so much for providing me with a truly lovely ragdoll.


Skye Thomas x


From start to finish, Alana could not have made my experience of becoming a kitten mum any better.

Alana is incredibly knowledgeable, so has kindly given me many pointers and tips and I know I’ll be able to stay in contact with her and ask for advice any time I might need it.

Lillibet aka Betsy, is a complete darling. The hard work and dedication Alana has put into raising her and her mummy, daddy, sisters, brothers and the rest of the adorable crew at Belle-Amiche really shows in Lillibet’s nature. She is fierce and kind, gentle and inquisitive. Our whole family, including my other half who expressed we were, under no uncertain terms, to have any more animals (whoops), loves her.

So so pleased, could not be happier so Alana, from the bottom of my heart, thank you

Keira Bassett x


We collected our beautiful big boy Percy on Monday and it’s like he’s been part of the family forever! He’s such a confident, sociable boy. We’ve had so many visitors keen to meet him in the last 4 days and he hasn’t batted an eyelid. Nothing phases him. He’s clearly been very socialised at Alana’s with the other cats, kittens and dog! Alana of Belle-Amiche, you’re excellent at what you do. A brilliant, hard working professional who goes above and beyond with the cats and kittens and support to the new owner. Thank you


Kane Moore x


From the very first time I met Alana I felt truly at ease that I had made the right decision in contacting her regarding a new ragdoll. Alana is nothing short of professional compassionate patient and kind and nothing I asked was too much trouble.
Alana's care towards all of the cats and kittens is outstanding and it's very clear that she truly cares about all of her pets and the thing that stood out the most was how loving and fun the cats were around her ....I have never seen this care before from any breeder and it truly felt like you were adopting one of a very precious kind. I have had 3 ragdolls in my lifetime and Bertie is now my 4th and I'm sure thanks to Alana he won't be my last!
If you are considering a ragdoll do not look further than Belle-Amiche as you truly won't regret a single thing and you will have the most beautiful bundle of fluff to love


Sarah Emmett x


We’ve had the most wonderful experience adopting our beautiful Ragdoll kitten from Alana. When our 19 year old Ragdoll passed away in May we were devastated. After a few weeks we knew we wanted to have a cat of the same breed because they are such lovely companions. From start to finish, Alana has been so helpful, informative and supportive to us finding our new family member - Poppy. The webcam was so brilliant as we could follow her progress in the early stages. When we collected Poppy, Alana provided a beautiful bag of goodies for Poppy, including a handmade blanket. She clearly adores her cats and they are bred so well and are so well cared for. I cannot recommend her highly enough and I can highly recommend a Ragdoll.


Sarah Tawse x


We have a kitten from Alana Belle Amiche. We made several visits to see our little kitten and were so impressed with the care that Alana shows to all the cats and kittens. They have a wonderful home which is safe and clean and all the cats and kittens are all so good with each other. We were sent many updates on little Angel's progress with videos, pictures and messages. We now have our little kitten at home with lots of helpful advice on feeding , safety and development and Alana is always ready to answer any questions we may have. Angel is a very loving healthy and beautiful Ragdoll and we look forward to another kitten to keep her company when one is available. We would highly recommend Alana and Belle Amiche to anyone who loves and cares for cats and kittens as we do .

Michael and Christina Morton x

We recently got our first kitten from Belle-Amiche, Pancake and he is the best!! Incredibly handsome, well socialised and a barrel of laughs! We were really impressed with how Alana looks after them, everything was really clean and well set up and my partner became a little obsessed with the 24/7 webcam feed. We visited several times, were given a great pack when we picked him up and it’s clear that Alana really cares for them. Thank you again so much


James Garrett x

Got to pick up our 2 beautiful kittens, Cleo and Ruby this evening. What a wonderful experience it has been being able to watch the kittens grow and see their personalities develop. The care and love that Alana has with each of them is amazing and has been so helpful with anything we needed, couldn't ask for a nicer person to help us get us the kittens and will stay in regular contact with her


Karen Hoy x

Nicola Harris.jpg

After searching online for a suitable breeder I thankfully found Belle Amiche. I knew from a short conversation over the phone with Alana that I wanted to adopt a kitten from her she was very helpful, friendly and respectful and I could tell how much she loves her cats and kittens.
I highly recommend Belle Amiche all the cats and kittens are well looked after, loved and live in a 5 star hotel within Alana’s home.
Along with the love and cuddles are bonding visits, 25/7 cameras to watch your baby grow, eat and explore. Having Alana at the end of the phone to answer any questions at anytime has also made this a wonderful experience.
Luckily for us we were honoured enough to adopt 2 💙💖
Thank you so much Alana and Jon for everything xx


Nicola Harris x


I cannot recommend Alana and Belle Amiche Ragdolls enough. After the loss of a very loved family cat we decided to get a indoor cat. After looking at different breeds we decided a Raggie would be ideal. I spent a long time researching different breeders and knew as soon as I found Belle Amiche that I wanted to get our new family member from them.

Alana has been wonderful throughout the whole process. As newbies to the breed she has answered questions, given advice and made me feel totally reassured. Belle Amiche offer so much more than many breeders I came across. From the 121 support, access to cameras to view and help bond with your kittens (lost many hours to this!), to the visits to meet our kitten, the whole process has been amazing. Alana thinks of everything, provided links, supporting information and even a handmade blanket for when your kitten comes home.

Of the many reasons why I would recommend Belle Amiche, the main one for me is how much Alana clearly loves her cats. They are dear family members and every kitten receives love, care and attention from day 1. To find a breeder who loves her cats as much as you do is such a wonderful feeling and I know has in turn meant we have now got a happy, content, confident, well trained, chatty and utterly gorgeous addition to our family.

Thank you Alana, Jon & Belle Amiche. You helped a devastating loss turn into a wonderful blessing and we will always be grateful. We will be coming back to you for years to come, I just know it!


Charlotte Banks x

Alana just to say thank you for breeding such a beautiful kitten. She is very loving and nosy. Alana is a very responsible breeder and a lovely person and most helpful...she is so good to the kittens and takes her love of cats to another level. I'm so glad to have met her and would recommend her 100%.


Christine Shearing x

I wanted a Ragdoll cat ever since I found out about them many years ago. Having spoken to a couple of breeders over the years I was put off the process.

Fast forward to now and I have had the best experience with Alana. The process from start to finish hasn’t been problematic at all. Alana is friendly and very approachable, and any queries have been answered.

The kittens are very well looked after & with 24/7 camera access it’s been lovely to see them grow.

We bought our kitten home yesterday and he has been amazing! Alana provides a goody bag complete with a hand made crochet blanket made by herself. 10/10 :-)


Jade x

Alana was incredible from the moment we put in an application. She was super responsive and gave us all the information we needed about the kittens and cats in her care. We applied after losing our previous boy which Alana was very understanding and sympathetic about.
We received lots of updates and even had access to a camera to watch them grow which was amazing for that bonding process. On the day we took our boy home, Alana was emotional; demonstrating the care she has for the cats and families waiting for healthy kitties. She was prepared with a hand stencilled bag, made blanket, food, toys, paperwork and a confident, socialised kitty to go home with. We would recommend Belle-Amiche to anyone looking for an ethical, responsible breeder to welcome a new kitten, they really understand. It is clear when you visit how much they care for all the kittens and cats in the household through how clean and happy the environment is. Alana allowed us to take home the smallest boy with pink ears we had fallen for as he seemed like a good match so once he was health checked we took him home where he was instantly confident, cuddly and happy. We are besotted and so grateful, thank you Belle-Amiche.


Tash & Will x

9 Weeks Old.jpg

An outstanding cattery. As soon as I met Alana and Jon and saw their cattery on the first visit to see our beautiful kittens at 6 weeks we were blown away by the exceptional standard of care they provide for all their cats (and kittens).
I can't recommend Belle-Amiche Ragdolls enough to any one looking for an open, honest and friendly Ragdoll breeder. We were able to see our kitten develop daily from a very early age. An awesome experience


Mary Napier-Smyth x

Oscar and Teddy.jpg

After looking all over the country for a Ragdoll breeder for nearly a year we came across Belle-Amiche Ragdolls. The advert was so comprehensive and informative that we immediately felt more confident in the breeder and was so friendly and informative and, happily answering any questions we had. When we visited Alana and Jon's home to view the litter of kittens, Alana couldn't have been more friendly and helpful. All her beautiful friendly cats 🐈 have the run of her home and the kittens couldn't want for a better more loving introduction to the world. Alana is so devoted to the kittens that the love and care she provides for them really comes to light when they are introduced to their new home. Our two kittens, Oscar and Teddy, are so delightful in every way and have settled into our home really well in one week .We not only received two lovely little furballs but also a goody bag full of very comprehensive advice, all relevant paperwork, plenty of toys and to top it a crocheted blanket each, handmade by Alana,in a special Belle-Amiche stencilled bag .So thank you Alana and Jon for enriching not only Oscar and Teddy's lives but ours as well .

Pauline and Mike x

Last week I had the delight of taking my two Belle-Amiche Ragdoll kittens home. Alana takes such care to ensure her kittens are the best from the food they eat to ensuring they are used to the hustle and bustle of a family home. My kittens are confident and happy because Alana has them live with her in the heart of the family. I must admit, that I was flabbergasted when I took the kittens home as Alana's version of a kitten party bag was a Belle-Amiche printed bag containing the food they've been brought up on, a home-made knitted cuddle blanket, a big bag of toys, some litter for your litter tray (helps them settle, & use the tray because of familiar smells). I was so surprised, but I shouldn't have been as nothing is too much trouble for Alana's kittens. She ensures she breeds her kittens to the highest standard and with heaps of love and care. I'm so glad I have had my two from her, they are loving, very playful and absolutely adorable.


Jane Saunders x


After having a bad experience with our first Ragdoll who is now 7 months old, and feeling like we missed out on the early kitten stage, it has been an absolute pleasure having a Belle-Amiche kitten. From the first time of speaking with Alana, I felt reassured that this time I was choosing the correct breeder and kitten. Being able to see the kittens 24/7, playing, sleeping, and eating, through a webcam was just lovely. Alana has always been at the end of the phone (and still is), for any questions and worries I may have. Before collecting our kitten, we were able to meet her, her siblings, her Mum, and Dad, plus all the other beautiful cats. We received a full care pack via email so that we could prepare for our new arrival. On collection day, she was beautifully groomed, and nails clipped. We received some toys, food, and other bits. The attention to the paperwork was second to none, my local vets referred to this when I had her registered, as they were very impressed. Ivy has settled in brilliantly and with her new big brother they run around together playing all the time, generally just loving life. Thank you Alana for trusting us to bring up one of your special little babies, she is truly loved.

Nikki xx


Tinky has settled in so well. She's so lovely and clean, used to common noises, inquisitive and playful. It has been joyful to watch her explore! She's so gentle with the children and absolutely loves to snuggle and tickle. It's very easy to groom her too.

Elizabeth xx

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