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Belle-Amiche's King

Belle-Amiche Ragdolls Awesome Angus


GCCF Registered Active 

Carrier of Chocolate Gene


Tested Clear

Seal Tabby Point 

RAG 'n' 21

We are a are 'Closed Stud' cattery, which means we do not offer a stud service

to any breeding Queens outside of the Belle-Amiche Cattery. We thank everyone that has made enquiries, however this stance will not change. The Health and Disease protocols we have in place are very important to us.



Awesome Angus is our GCCF Active Seal Tabby Colour Point boy, Carrier of the Chocolate Gene. He is true to type with stunning eye colour and temperament. Angus is an absolute joy to have and is so gentle with the girls and when meeting his progeny. He is addicted to his exercise wheel and enjoys putting in a serious workout daily of, on average, 10 miles a day, keeping him fit, trim and healthy, ready for a well earned flop in front of the stove on a winters night. Angus has recently completed an 100 mile exercise wheel challenge, raising £100 for Cats Protection, which he completed in 10 days. He was awarded a special rosette by Cats Protection for his efforts.

Here at Belle-Amiche we are strongly apposed to felines being kept in outside pens, away from the household, to have a cold, lonely and miserable existence, so we are proud of the fact that we have adapted our home significantly, so that our Awesome Angus, with his excellent temperament, and his typical ragdoll docility, allows us to give him his own clean, fresh and deluxe boudoir, within our family home, which open up into the garden. He likes nothing better than a play in the garden everyday, interacting with his girlfriends, flexing his biceps & showing off to his Harem.

The Stud Boy Gallery

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