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'Dedicated to Raising the Standard of Feline Breeding'

About Belle-Amiche Ragdolls

Belle-Amiche Ragdolls is a 'GCCF' Registered and Award Winning Ragdoll Breeder based in Plymouth, Devon.

We are members of the new, Inspected and endorsed, GCCF Breeder Scheme.

We are one of but a few Ragdoll breeders, within the United Kingdom, to hold a Council license to sell animals as pets.

We achieved the highest rating possible when inspected by both the GCCF and Plymouth City Council, being referred to as a 'Gold Standard Breeder' by the GCCF and rated 'Exemplary' by Plymouth Council.

Belle-Amiche Ragdolls Za Zu

As a family we are dedicated to our breeding, Importing and exhibiting programme, in order to produce the very best type, health & temperament of a Ragdoll. This is achieved through careful/selective breeding, ensuring we uphold genetic integrity and focusing on quality rather than quantity. Our feline Family are thoroughly Health tested to Include -  Ragdoll Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, Progressive Retinal Atrophy,, Spinal Muscular Atrophy,

Mucpolysaccharidosis V1, Polycystic Kidney Disease, Feline Immunodeficiency Virus & Feline Leukemia Virus.

Our cats are an important part of the family and and as such live with us within our home. Our girls have free roam of all three storeys of the house and garden during the day.​ Our cat secure garden gives them all a lovely safe outside environment. 

Founder - Alana

Belle-Amiches Gr CH Enzo Hapazu with Alana

Founder of Belle-Amiche, Alana has extensive experience of breeding felines and has close links with a Rescue Centre, that specialises in rehoming of animals who have been damaged through their indiscriminate exploitation by backyard breeders. Alana has volunteered as a fosterer and home checker since 2010,. Alana is passionate about the ethical breeding of all animals and now as the proprietor of Belle-Amiche Ragdolls, the wellbeing and future of all felines is at the heart of everything she does, this enables her to provide the very best care to all the Belle-Amiche felines. Alana has a Diploma in Feline First Aid and Is a successful GCCF Show Exhibitor, of the Belle-Amiche Felines.​ Alana provides guidance, advice, feedback and support to feline groups and new breeders and is on the Committee of United Kingdoms GCCF Breed club 'The British Ragdoll Cat Club'

Belle-Amiche Ragdolls GCCF Breeder Scheme
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Alana’s Partner In Life - Jon

Jon brings a wealth of experience to the fold, having bred and exhibited Ragdolls for 14 years . As a Ragdoll exhibitor, he has progressed many Ragdoll’s to Champion titles, Grand Champion Titles and Imperial Grand Champion titles. He has Imported Ragdolls from around the world, to strengthen the Ragdoll gene pool here in the UK, whilst upholding the integrity and fundamentals of the breed.  Jon has a Diploma in Feline Behaviour and Psychology, a Diploma in Understanding Feline Anxiety,  he has completed a CPD Accredited Cattery Management Course and is also a certified microchip implanter.​

Belle-Amiches LuLu with Jon
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