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Retired Belle-Amiche's

Occasionally at Belle-Amiche, we retire a member of our Adult Feline family, from our breeding program.

This can be for a number of reasons and the difficult decision is made, with their best interest at heart, which is  and always will be, our absolute priority. 

Not all cats, take to breeding, raising Kittens or living within a multi cat, hormone led environment.

We are lucky to receive as many applications, from individuals preferring an older cat and our Adult Ragdolls have settled in to their new homes exceptionally quickly, joining some wonderful family's.

Potential homes are fully vetted prior to an agreement being formed, to ensure our treasures are going to a five star forever home.

Despite our feelings, its impossible to maintain the high standards we hold ourselves too, by keeping every retired feline family member, it is always difficult to say good bye, as we have raised them from a kitten and have shared years of friendship and love. This is why we make sure, they will have a long and loving life with their new family.

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