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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I call you before completing a Application?

Yes absolutely, our mobile number is on the contact page,. We are available at these times - 

Monday to Friday - 09:00am until 18:00pm

Saturday and Sunday - 11:00am Until 15:00pm.

If we don't answer straight away, please leave a message and we will call you back. Alternatively WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger us


How Much does a Ragdoll Kitten cost from you?

Please contact us to discuss.

What is included in your Kitten package?

  • GCCF registered non-Active.

  • Neutered/Spayed prior to departure to their new homes.

  • All Primary Vaccinations will be completed.

  • GCCF Official Pedigree Certificate.

  • 5 weeks FREE Agria Insurance.

  • Micro-chipped and registered to their new family.

  • Health checked at least Three times by our Vet.

  • Treated against parasites.

  • Litter Tray Trained.

  • Used to the hustle and bustle of a family home, appliances, and our small dog.

  • Fully weaned & feeding on quality food, with a small bag for you to either continue to use or to slowly change to your own preference of food.

  • Full Support as you settle your new family member in and for as long as you need us!

  • Our diet sheet and advisory guide.​

  • A Belle-Amiche Ragdolls bag to bring home all your kittens information, toys, food and comfort blanket.

  • Able to use the Belle-Amiche Retreats facilities for holidays or emergency's.


At what age can we collect our Kitten?

Our Kittens are available to leave for their new homes from 13 weeks and 1 day old.


When can we see our Kitten?

'In person' visits are conducted after 6 weeks and then again at 10 weeks. However, once a kitten has been chosen or the kitten has chosen you, you will have full CCTV access to their Creche, from that point until you collect the Kitten, 24/7.


How much does it cost to keep a cat monthly?

We hear this question a lot, It simply depends on how much we are willing to spend on them. Its the same with everything really, you get what you put in. The best Diet, health care and stimulation, will produce the best results. However, the 'Best' is not necessarily the most expensive.

Are you able to arrange a courier?

Absolutely yes, we use professional pet courier's within the UK and Europe and can facilitate transfer to most locations globally.

Do you have a Local Authority license to sell Ragdoll Cats?

Yes absolutely, anyone that sells animals must have a local authority license, other wise they are breaking the law. Many breeders and if were being completely transparent, 'The Majority', avoid applying for a license because they are afraid they will be declined, as their facilities, protocols or paperwork are not up to scratch and will claim their breeding is only a 'hobby' therefore they do not need one. However fact is fact, If you sell animals, by law, you have to have a license and therefore inspected and comply to DEFRA. We were inspected by Plymouth City Council and awarded a license to sale animals as pets, as we not only conform to DEFRA regulations, but also Lucy's Law. We were delighted to have achieved the highest star rating possible. 


Are you registered with any governing bodies?

Belle-Amiche Ragdolls is a GCCF & TICA Registered and Award Winning Ragdoll Breeder based in Plymouth, Devon. We are          GCCF Breeder Scheme Members and have been Inspected by the GCCF, in which again, we were delighted to have achieved the highest rating possible and were awarded 'Gold Standard Breeders'. We are also Members of a GCCF Member cat club, the Progressive Ragdoll Breed Cat Club and other breed related cat clubs.


What can I expect from a Ragdoll Cat?

Ragdolls are a laid back, affectionate, social, docile, responsive, and an intelligent breed. They enjoy interacting with people and once used to other pets such as dogs, can be very affectionate towards them also. Our Kittens have been brought up with our Yorkshire terrier Minnie Moo and can often be found curled up with her for a canine cuddle. Some ragdolls can learn all sorts of tricks and can retrieve items you throw if you dedicate time to training them.


If I work full-time away from my residence, would a Ragdoll cat get lonely?

In short, yes, unless you have an alternative source of company, such as another suitable and safe pet.  Loneliness can cause psychological problems and lead to undesirable habits that can often be hard to stop once they have been learnt, such as toileting in the wrong places or scratching things that shouldn’t be. I am sure you can use your imagination as to what can happen to an adolescent intelligent Ragdoll, which is not stimulated and given free rein everyday for long periods. We recommend, should you not have another suitable and safe pet, have two Kittens and they will play and keep each other company in your absence.


Is it true all Ragdoll cats have blue eyes?

Yes, they do.  It is a stunning feature of their breed. However, this can be diluted if the Ragdoll’s pedigree has not been carefully preserved.


Can I breed from a Belle-Amiche Ragdoll kitten?

All kittens that are sold as pets will be neutered or spayed prior to departure to their new families. This is to protect our lines and promote responsible breeding.  

In the very rare instance that we do sell a kitten for breeding, it would only be to an already established GCCF registered breeder who has as high a regard to the ethics and morality of breeding as we do.  We would also check the breeding co-efficiency, so as not to compromise the quality and lines of the breed.


I have heard Ragdoll cats can only be indoors?

It is true, Ragdolls are better suited to being indoor cats as they have very little fear.  They have very trusting and super laid-back characters, indeed they look like they should be on the front cover of a glossy magazine, as such given their freedom they could be stolen because they are very desirable or because of their lack of fear run over.   Every individual cat is different as are the residence they will live in. We would recommend you use your best judgement, remember a Ragdoll is a family member and there are always other options than to let them roam.  For instance, make your garden cat secure as we have or install a Catio.  We are happy to advise regarding this.


If I was interested in showing my Belle-Amiche Ragdoll Kitten/Cat, would I be able too?

Absolutely! Yes!  Showing can be very enjoyable for both the owner and the cat. The standard of points for Ragdolls is very strict and you can find the information on GCCF shows on their website.  This will give you an idea of what standards your Kitten needs to meet. If you are interested in showing please let us know prior to reserving a Belle-Amiche Kitten, so we can ensure you choose a kitten that meets the standard for shows. There is a difference between pet and show quality and it could be down to as little as a small colour mis-mark.


When I take my Belle-Amiche Kitten home, do I just let it roam?

We recommend allowing the kitten the freedom of just one room in the first instance and once they are comfortable in that room, increase to another as well and so on until they have access to as much of your home as you wish them to. This slow approach allows the kitten time to learn their new surroundings, settle in, build their confidence and familiarise themselves with where the ‘Litter tray’ is. Rushing things, whilst caught in the excitement of a new kitten, especially with children, can lead to kitten ‘accidents’, which can often be hard to remedy if frequent. If a Kitten toilets in the wrong place, it’s not because they have chosen to in most cases, it is because they didn’t know where the litter tray was.


I have taken my Belle-Amiche Kitten home, it is hiding, not eating and hasn't used the litter tray?

Although we have ensured all of our Kittens have experienced a normal house and family environment as they have grown and have developed into a well rounded and confident kitten's, the change to their new home is a huge event in their life. Although you are aware of the Ragdolls characteristics they still need TLC during these times. Its is quite natural when changing environments that they withdrawal and it will take some time for them to settle in. During this period, observe the basic guidelines. Keep the Kitten in a contained area, provide food and water and a fresh litter tray, using the same litter that they are used to. 'Quiet' cuddles and love will win the day and small burst of play helps to break the Ice, remember the first few month's sets the base for the future, moving a confused kitten on too fast does not help them or you. You will find that within a few days, the kitten will settle, seek your company and play.  It will all be worth your initial patience.


My Kitten bites me when we play?

Although it is very tempting to use your fingers and toes as a mechanism to induce play, this also tells the Kitten that these are toys. If your kitten bites your fingers or toes, distract it with a toy, it will soon learn that you need your fingers for the future and emphasises what the correct behavior is and with what they can play! Remember positive reinforcement.


My Kitten nails are getting sharp and scratch's me?

Don't forget to trim your Kittens nails, they grow very quickly and need trimming regularly. Your kitten was regularly groomed and had their nails trimmed, before leaving us, so they got used to it. Your vet can trim their nails if you do not feel confident or you can ask us to show you how when you collect your kitten. Regular grooming helps to make nail trimming less of a specific event, however after a life time of owning felines we have yet to meet one who loves having it done. Gently wrapping your Kitten in a towel and doing one paw at a time can help them to relax during and less able to flee the scene. If you are only able to do one paw that time, don't worry, do another one, another day, slowly slowly catch a Monkey, its better for it not to be a negative experience.


My Kitten stools are loose?

Please bear in mind, the Kitten has left the Belle-Amiche household with a perfectly settled tummy and solid stools, so any change from that is simply one of two things.

  1. The change of environment has caused the kitten upset, which will quickly settle down. or

  2. The Kittens diet has been changed.

It is quite natural when changing environments that the kitten will be affected by the event, and it will take some time for them to settle in.

The best advice we can offer you, is to stick to the dietary advice we have provided you with the kitten. The kitten has been raised on a particular type and make of food, specific to its age, breed, and need.

All our Adult cats have a combination of a raw diet and high-quality kibble, however a Kitten has more specific requirements to ensure healthy growth, during this time of big changes, discoveries, and new encounters.

If the loose stools progress to diarrhoea and or there are traces of blood present due to Intestinal inflammation, please contact us or seek veterinarian advice as soon as possible, the Kitten may need a probiotic boost to settle it down.

Our veterinarian who has specific professional accreditations and experience within this area, ‘does not’ recommend changing the kitten’s diet to a bland diet, as the kitten builds up intestinal bacteria to digest a particular food type. Changing the diet can cause further upset by changing the types of intestinal bacteria required. However, your veterinarian may have a completely different point of view and may advise the Kitten is moved on to a specific diet such as ‘Hills Science Plan’. In our opinion this food supplier is extremely expensive and can upset their tummy’s further. Should the kitten’s tummy settle down using it, it is because it is missing the vital ingredients needed for their growth and wellbeing. and of course, their tummy’s will certainly be upset it again on the change back to its normal diet and the reintroduction of the previously missing ingredients.

Some new owners may wish to change the diet, to a more readily available food source or to one that an existing household feline is eating for ease, however this must be changed as a very gradual process, to ensure the kittens intestinal tract has built up the Intestinal bacteria, specific to the food source.

There is nothing more worrying than a cherished one having this issue. Remain calm and logical and you will soon be back to normal, it’s part of life and you will soon learn what is needed and when.

We are only a phone call away if you need a chat.


My circumstances have changed or owning a cat is not for me?

Owning a feline is a commitment however life does not always go the way we wish. If you have considered and made the difficult decision that it is not for you, there is no shame or embarrassment in making that decision, however your next steps are very Important. Rescues center's across the country are already overwhelmed, please contact us in the first Instance, believe me, your call will be met with compassion and understanding as we only want the best for you, your family and your cat. We receive regular enquiries asking if we have any older cats or ex Queens from some lovely people and we have on several occasions helped make that happen. 


Are Belle-Amiche Ragdoll’s health tested? 

Yes, they are all clear of:

·         HCM Tested Clear (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy)

·         FIV - Feline Immunodeficiency Virus 

·         FELV - Feline Leukaemia Virus 

·         PKD - Polycystic Kidney Disease


How long does a Ragdoll cat Live?

Life expectancy is 15 years.

When visiting can we see the kitten's Mum & Dad?

Absolutely!  Both parents live with us in our home, because as well as being Belle-Amiche Kings and Queens, they are our pets, family and much-loved little tinkers.


Litter trays?

You will need at least two litter trays per cat.  Hygiene and cleanliness of these should be paramount. There should be one litter tray on each floor of the home.  Belle-Amiche Kittens are normal litter tray trained and Litter Robot trained.


Do Ragdolls need to be groomed?

Yes, ideally once a week and is a perfect time to bond with your new furbaby!  Their coat doesn't matt easily, it thickens in winter months, whilst shedding slightly in spring.  We can advise on the best brushes to assist you with your grooming.


Will a Ragdoll scratch my possessions?

There is the potential for them to do this, but if you provide a scratch post or similar, this will make the chance of something you prize being scratched less likely. Belle-Amiche Kittens are all Scratch post trained.


When do I pay my deposit?

Once you have viewed the litter and chosen your kitten (or the kitten has chosen you!), a £250 deposit will reserve your kitten.


When do I pay the balance?

A bank transfer on the day of collection.


Are Belle-Amiche Ragdolls' Kittens Pedigree kittens?

Yes.  New owners will receive genuine GCCF (Governing Council of the Cat Fancy) pedigree paperwork with their GCCF registration number in their kitten pack.

How do I acquire a Belle-Amiche kitten?

Get in touch with us! You will be asked to complete an Application Form which collates, amongst other things, information on your lifestyle and the environment the kitten will join. This is to ensure the Kitten will be happy, healthy and thrive with you.

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